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Снова про BBC и Израиль

Помните заголовок в ВВС про бульдозер? Я в тот раз присоединилась к протестующим и отправила письмо. Пришел ответ:

Thank you for your e-mail.

We received a number of complaints about our coverage of the recent attack in Jerusalem claiming that our online and our television reporting (BBC World News) was misleading or anti-Israeli.

As regards BBC World News, the caption 'Jerusalem bulldozer driver shot by police' was not a headline and has been extracted completely out of context from the numerous captions that were put on screen as the channel broke the news of the attack.

The captions ran over an initial period of a quarter of an hour over the live coverage from the scene.

Together they simply form a sequential account of the raw and sometimes confusing news as it came in.

These are the different captions we used:


Bulldozer ploughs into Jerusalem bus

Ticker (this runs throughout whole of the coverage):

A bulldozer driver has been shot dead by Israeli police after going on a rampage in Jerusalem, ploughing into a crowded bus, reports say at least one person is dead and at least 30 are injured


Bulldozer driver goes on rampage in Jerusalem


Many people are severely injured


Reports say at least one person dead


Jerusalem bulldozer driver shot by police


Bulldozer rampage leaves trail of destruction


Reports say at least 30 people injured


Bulldozer rampage treated as attack not accident


Jerusalem bulldozer driver shot dead by security


BBC's Tim Franks witnesses the rampage


Police say one woman killed in premeditated attack


Police say attack was politically motivated

Similarly the concerns some have raised about the BBC News Website 'headline' are misleading. It was not a news headline but a picture caption that, along with others, described a specific sequence of the moving pictures of the story. It has been quoted completely out of context.

Only two news headlines were used throughout the day - firstly "Bulldozer rampage hits Jerusalem" followed later in the day by "Deadly Jerusalem Bulldozer Attack".

On a separate page, moving pictures of the attack were put on the website. They were broken down into three separate sections. Each had a specific picture caption to describe what viewers could see if they chose to click on that particular sequence.

The wording "Israel bulldozer driver shot dead" was a picture caption that was, of course, used to describe the specific pictures that led up to the moment the driver was shot.

The context of this picture caption was clear and in no way can it be described as a headline. There were two other picture captions alongside it - "Eyewitness: Bulldozer Rampage" and "Bulldozer Rampage in Jerusalem." In the same way, each of these aimed to describe the specific part of the coverage the audience could select.

Below the caption on the shooting, there was further text that said:

"A Palestinian has driven a bulldozer into a bus and several cars in Jerusalem, killing three people before being shot dead. Dozens of others were hurt, at least seven critically, in the incident on Jaffa Road. This video freezes just before the driver was shot dead, and shows the scene afterwards."

Yours sincerely

BBC Complaints

Интересно, они всем отвечают так подробно? Или пришло действительно так много жалоб, что они накатали этот текст и копипастили? Было бы хорошо. Зашевелились, гаврики.

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